General Product Information

What is aeroponics?

Aeroponics—the technology Tower Garden uses—is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment, without the use of soil. It is the most effective and efficient way to provide plants with the necessary nutrients, hydration and oxygen.

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Is Tower Garden organic?

Because soil is a prerequisite for organic growing, and aeroponic systems don’t use soil, Tower Garden can’t be classified as organic. But it can be equally as safe and healthy—and more efficient.

Organic gardening requires organisms in the soil to convert “organic” material into minerals plants can use. But instead of growing plants in soil, Tower Garden uses water, oxygen and pure, natural minerals to deliver nutrients directly to plant roots.

The result is higher growth rates and greater yields than resource-intensive organic methods can achieve. And remember, since you’re growing the plants, you control the use of herbicides and pesticides.

So you could say Tower Garden is better than organic, because you get the same results (and more)—without the dirt.

What is Tower Garden made of?

Tower Garden is made from UV-stabilized, food-grade plastic. The high-quality plastic resins we use are compliant with both U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for food contact and European guidelines for Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances.

Tower Garden Mineral Blend contains a wide range of natural minerals. You can view Mineral Blend ingredients here.

What are Tower Garden's dimensions?

The reservoir (at the base of Tower Garden) holds 20 gallons and is 30 x 30 inches. A standard Tower Garden is 62 inches tall and holds up to 20 plants. With an extension kit, Tower Garden is 81 inches tall and holds up to 28 plants.

Wondering how much space you need to grow a Tower Garden? A three-foot by three-foot square should do it.

Where can I buy Tower Garden?

We currently sell and ship Tower Garden within the U.S., Canada and Europe only. You may purchase Tower Garden directly from our website or from a sales representative in your area.

Growing Tower Garden

How many plants can Tower Garden grow?

A standard Tower Garden holds up to 20 plants—whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs, fruits or flowers. With an extension kit, you can grow up to 28 plants.

Where can I grow Tower Garden?

Thanks to its compact, vertical design, Tower Garden fits almost anywhere. But there are a few things to consider when picking a place for yours:


For fruiting crops—such as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and others—to be most productive you’ll need full sun (about eight hours daily). Greens, herbs and other vegetable crops tolerate lower light levels. But they’ll be less productive as the amount of light decreases. Many flowers and ornamental plants grow fine in shade. Read seed labels to determine required light levels.

(Note: if where you live experiences intense summer heat, your plants may appreciate light shade in the mid-afternoon.)

If you don’t have access to full sun, consider growing indoors with grow lights.


Since Tower Garden uses water and raw nutrients rather than dirt to grow plants, access to good, clean water is critical. To avoid damaging your plants, never use heavily chlorinated water, very hard water or softened water.

  • To remove chlorine, fill a bucket with water and leave it in the sun for 48 hours.
  • To offset hard water, fill your Tower Garden using an RV water filter (available online and at many stores).
  • To remedy softened water, you’ll need a reverse osmosis system. You can purchase a small sink unit for under $200.

Alternatively, you can buy bottled water (ideally the three or five gallon size) to fill your Tower Garden.


To power the pump (and grow lights if you’re growing indoors) you’ll need an electrical outlet. For safety, always use a waterproof connection when using outdoor extension cords.


From Florida to Alaska, Tower Gardeners grow food in a variety of places and under an array of conditions. We recommend keeping the internal temperature of your Tower Garden between 65–85?F.

There are simple ways to achieve this (e.g., adding frozen water bottles to the reservoir in hot weather, heating your Tower Garden with a water heater in cold weather). Should your conditions become too extreme, growing indoors is always an option as well.

Other Considerations

Tower Garden must be level to work properly (otherwise, plants won’t be watered consistently and the system may leak). So select a spot that’s already level or that can be leveled.

For more tips on where to grow your Tower Garden, review this planning guide »

Can I grow Tower Garden indoors?

Absolutely! With  the Tower Garden Grow Lights Kit, you can grow leafy greens, herbs and other non-fruiting plants indoors year-round, regardless of climate and season.

For best results, set the pump timer for 15 minutes on, 45 minutes off, and the light timer to 14 hours on, 10 hours off. And to reduce risk of pests and plant disease, provide adequate air circulation in your growing area, and start with new plants rather than outdoor transplants.

For further instruction, read our Indoor Gardening Guide.

Is Tower Garden good for schools?

Safe, compact and soilless, Tower Garden makes a great classroom growing system. Many schools already use Tower Gardens to engage students and bring lesson plans alive. While students witness first-hand how plants grow, they also learn the importance of sustainability, healthy eating and giving back to the community.

That’s why we’ve developed Tower Garden lesson plans and other teaching materials! Learn more about our school resources »

What can I grow with Tower Garden?

Vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers—Tower Garden will grow just about anything except root crops, grapevines, bushes and trees.

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Can I use my own seeds with Tower Garden?

Yes, you may use any type of seed you like. And if you don’t want to start your own seeds, you can also buy seedlings and simply transplant them to your Tower Garden.

Need some ideas on where to find seeds and seedlings? Check out our list of quality sources.

Do I have to use Tower Garden Mineral Blend?

Designed specifically to support aeroponic technology, Tower Garden Mineral Blend plays a critical role in ensuring your Tower Garden grows healthy plants. We think you’ll find the Mineral Blend is most effective (and cost-effective) for achieving the best results.

How long does it take plants to grow in Tower Garden?

Tower Garden grows plants up to three times faster than conventional gardening methods. And many vegetables can be harvest-ready in as little as three weeks after transplanting.

Ultimately, time-to-harvest depends on a number of factors—such as climate, plant type, light exposure and more. But most seed packets offer a reliable estimate of how soon plants will be ready.

How do I set up Tower Garden?

Most people are able to assemble Tower Garden in 20–25 minutes. Step-by-step instructions are included with the growing system, and no previous gardening experience is required.

Watch how easy starting a Tower Garden is: