LED Indoor Grow Lights

LED Indoor Grow Lights

Want fresh, homegrown food, regardless of climate and season? Don’t have a suitable space to garden outdoors? The Tower Garden Grow Lights Kit* allows you to easily grow  indoors year-round.

The lights are full spectrum and support fruiting and flowering crops. Just stay on top of your pruning and pollinating game...unless you have a house full of bees.




If you purchase this product with a Tower Garden Growing System, you’re eligible for monthly payments.
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Main unit with a Built-In Timer
  • 4 LED Light Fixtures
  • Conduit Power Organizer
  • These LED indoor grow lights use less energy to produce more light than other common options.
  • Powering lights for  recommended 14 hours per day costs about $0.30 a day.
  • As of April 22, 2023 we offer an easy three-year limited warranty*. So, if you have any problems with your LED Indoor Grow Lights, we'll happily repair or replace components as necessary for free.
  • Have questions about the warranty? Send us a message »
  • *Orders prior to April 22 2023 have one-year limited warranty.

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